21, Aarhus, 3. semester
– Multimedia Design
(Content Creation)at Business
Academy Aarhus. Currently
working at NATULIQUE
as Social Media Manager.
Great passion for Design,
more specifically Magazine
Design and Fashion Design.
Curious, ambitious, creative
and social!


Who am I?
My name is Pernille, and I am a 21-year-old Multimedia Designer living in Aarhus. Beside being an almost full-time student, I love spending time with my friends and family. I am a very social person and having people around me is very important. In my spare time I like to hang out with my friends, shopping, go for a run and experiment with cooking.

Who am I as a Multimedia Designer?
I like to think of myself as a wide-ranging and ambitious designer, who loves to get lost in the digital world and its many possibilities. Visual communication comes naturally to me, and I have always had a highly creative approach to problem-solving. I have a great passion for both graphic design and fashion design, and I love when I get to combine the two interests.

Which competencies and qualities do I possess? 
Throughout my education and work experience I have acquired different digital skill sets that have given me a great creative flair and a good and critical eye for details. The field of digital design is fast-faced and is constantly changing which has taught me to easily adapt and continously develop and modify my skills. My big interest in graphic design and fashion design has given me a broad understanding of the latest graphic trends and their role in the commercial environment.

I have great experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

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Multimediedesigner, studerende



Multimedia Design, Business Academy Aarhus


On the Multimedia Design education I have had four different classes; Business, Design, Coding and Communication – together they have taught me how to use different digital tools to create content in an appealing and creative way. I have learned basic coding such as HTML, CSS, PHP and WordPress along with database building. I have gained a great understanding of how visual communication and online marketing works, and how all media production and communication depends on an appealing design. Also leadership, project management and organization have been  part of the curriculum.

STX, Grindsted Gymnasium & HF

At Grindsted Gymnasium & HF I had Social Studies as my major, which offered: Social Studies on level A, English A og Mathematic B – and then I chose Spanish A as my 5th A-class. I am/was very engaged and dedicated in my time studying and I worked as a student tutor in the school’s café, where I helped other students do their school work.

ELS, Roger Williams University, RI

During my 10. grade I took a year abroad and went to the U.S to improve my English writing and language skills. I went to school at ELS, Roger Williams University in Bristol, Rhode Island, where I after 10 months of school earned a Level 112 Certificate of Completion which is accepted almost worldwide as a proof of the English proficiency required for college admission.


NATULIQUE, Social Media Manager (PR)

2017 – NOW

NATULIQUE is an international company based by the port of Aarhus. NATULIQUE offers natural based hair products made of organic certified ingredients. At NATULIQUE I am working on their B2C brand, NATURIGIN where I am primarily  in charge of their Instagram, blog and newsletters. The job as Social Media Manager has taught me how to create a content marketing strategy targeted to a specific audience, and how to make great visual content that creates value for the brand. At NATULIQUE I have also been working with SEO, WordPress, media production and project management.

Jensen Company A/S, Student Assistant

At Jensen Company I worked as a student assistant and was primarily in charge of E-commerce tasks, such as product creation, content creation and picture manipulating/editing. Also I got to work with different online ads and advertisements for magazines.

Shell, Service Assistant

During my time at Grindsted Gymnasium & HF I worked at the local gas station, Shell. The job taught me you be service-minded and to work with other people as a team. It taught me to be fast-moving and how to work under high pressure in stressfull situations. I got use to having a lot on my plate, which is why I now work with a good sense of perspective and overview. The job at Shell required a lot of responsibly, and often I was in charge of closing the shop and open it by myself.